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-Contains Major Spoilers-

What is it about?

Imagine a world with superheroes in it. I know superhero movies are common, but imagine “Sups”(as they call them in this series) consulting a shrink, being treated as celebrities, doing commercial shoots, and their group being run a company or business. Now that’s fresh, and perfect for the theme and tone which is sharp satire and deadpan, irreverent comedy.

How I Discovered It

I’ve heard raves about this, or maybe buzz around friends, and it also passed by my social media feeds a few times. That caught my curiosity, and so I watched it on Prime Video(I got one week free trial) and glad I finished season 1 before the trial expired.

General Thoughts

I did laugh a couple of times(more like: WTF-ed), but being a guy who’s more into slap-stick-ish humor, maybe others who are into deadpan comedy laughed more than me.

I liked the premise of the movie, about superheroes working for a company and shooting infomercials, and attending charity events, and being actually “bad”(most of them) behind the camera and public eye. It’s a scorching satire: that not all who claim they are our saviors and that they are good are actually 100% good. Sometimes, they’re just power-grabbing and money-making machines behind all the media hype and political maneuverings.

My curiosity about the plot was sustained because it’s largely a revenge story trope a la Kill Bill. It introduced the story cleanly, a regular guy working at a tech/gadgets store and then his girlfriend being killed by a careless swooshing superhero, A-train, a la The Flash, shattering Hughie’s(the protagonist) girlfriend into this splattering mesh and mess of disintegrated flesh and spinal column and blood, leaving him with just the two hands of his girlfriend(or what’s left of them) which he was holding, before the bullet-speed hero bumped into the love of his life. We later learn that A-Train’s mishap was probably related to his use of Compound V, which is this drug that amps-up Sup’s powers. From this point, the question in my mind was how a regular guy with no superpower manage to exact his revenge, especially when later, it’s revealed there’s actually seven of these superheroes, who are not only almost indestructible but also revered by the public. This question is what essentially kept me watching until I finished season one and it was worth the time. It’s very entertaining with unique characters and ample back stories. It was only after a few episodes that I Googled and learned it’s based on a comic book.

I did like the actor who played Homelander. He’s perfect for the role!

The violence and gore in the series added a fresh take on the superhero genre and took it to almost The Walking Dead level of gore and blood. The way Translucent died was hilarious, btw.

The twist at the end of season one was lit.

I now have this huge crush on Frenchie.

Who Would Like It

Someone waiting for the next bingeable watch on TV.


5 out of 5 stars